Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Chinoiserie Entrance

Carolyne Roehm's Charleston Home

It is interesting to me that over more than a decade of Chinoiserie Chic, I have found very few homes to post about with Chinoiserie at the front entrance. Carolyne Roehm's Charleston home is a lovely example with several pairs of topiaries in blue and white Chinese porcelain. Since English boxwood does not like South Florida, Eugenia is used here instead and is easily found in all of these topiary shapes. Lowe's and Home Depot sell them in abundance. Also note the pair of smaller containers with English ivy. I have really been enjoying working in the garden here. It's lovely to be able to garden all year long. Gardening in sand is also much different than the heavy clay soil I am so used to. It is so much easier to plant things, but on the negative side the lack of nutrients in the sand make diligent fertilizing necessity. And this time of year armadillos are having their babies and like digging up the yard. Such unusual looking animals! And the other day there was a pair of baby sandhill cranes in the yard.


  1. Gorgeous house. I wonder what the inside looks like.

    1. It's amazing. I will post photos in an upcoming post.

  2. Carolyne's home is stunning. Armadillos are so very pesky. The cackle made by those sand cranes will make you giggle. I have creeping fig (ficus pumilla) growing on my front steps as seen here in this photo. It does quite well on topiaries also. It can be seen frequently in Florida especially growing up walls. Love Carolyne's sago palms that flank her front steps. Mine are just beginning to open a new circle of fronds!