Monday, February 17, 2020

The Puppy Condo

Redfins - Luxury Puppy Condo in Sarasota

Did I mention to you that Harper and Margot have their own luxury condominium in Sarasota? The Florida house has a double staircase with a wet bar in between on the living room side. On the kitchen side of the staircase is a three section storage closet. We tore out the carpet, installed luxury vinyl dog friendly planks, and created a three room doggy condo that houses their toys, bowls, beds, crate, leashes, etc. etc. It also has a collection of nine dog oil paintings, most from Mario Buatta's collection and even a dog book library. The antique Chinese boxes hold the ashes of my beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Mandy and Julia, and my Tibetan Spaniel Isabella who I lost just before moving to Florida. I am happy they are all here with me.

 I think it is great use of the space and I love that all their doggy paraphernalia is not all over the place.

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