Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Chinoiserie Bathroom

Edith-Anne Duncan Design

Now this is incredible. My compulsive side worries a bit about wallpaper on the ceiling in a bathroom, but this is beautiful. I love the pagoda etagere to hold towels, the gilded leaf chandelier, and the giant shell. My daughter found a shell like that at HomeGoods. The neutral palette creates a nice zen spa-like atmosphere as well. I have almost finished the master bath here and will share soon. Below is a peek. I love the blue and white dragon sinks I found.

My Master Bath


  1. That sink is gorgeous! Where did you find it? I have a blue and white dragon drop-in sink by Kohler that I just love too.

  2. I found a giant clam shell like that on (no kidding) its from Home parts/Houseparts(?) via WM and it was originally over $100.00 I got it on special w/free shipping (and it's a heavy thing!) for $40.00. I've seen it on other sites by same manufacturer for $200.00!!!

  3. I love the Kohler one - I got two of these online and they were very reasonable!

  4. Hi Beth, nice Chinoiserie bathroom design. I like the idea of decorating the ceiling with wallpaper, it's beautiful and unique. The blue and white dragon sink is also looking gorgeous.

    Where did you found it?

    Which brand sink is that?

    1. I will track that down - I ordered them online. Super reasonable too.