Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Clothes and Chinoiserie

MDS Stripes

This post is a bit of a departure, but I thought it might be fun. I am a huge fan of interior designer Mark D. Sikes and his use of Chinoiserie. Some of you may know that he has a gorgeous line of clothing as well called MDS Stripes. I just bought this dress above. I bought another of his a few months ago shown below and love it as well. His clothes are a great look for Florida. If you check out his Facebook page MDS Stripes you will see that some of the photoshoots are done at his Chinoiserie filled home.

I have always loved the combination of stripes and Chinoiserie and find, especially when entertaining at home, that it is an especially good look for me in my Chinoiserie home. Other tips for looking great at home - pink lightbulbs - I use them in every lamp in my home and the light is so flattering!

Below are some more of his great line of clothes with Chinoiserie.