Monday, March 4, 2019

The Chinoiserie Kitchen

I am in the midst of choosing quartz countertops for my new kitchen. So many choices! I am looking for a marble lookalike that will pair nicely with blue and white Chinese porcelain. The good news is that I will have lots of counter space - about 130 square feet.


  1. Hi Beth...have you looked at some of the slab porcelain products? We used it on our center island with white quartz on the perimeter. We wanted to have some of that blue/grey veining since I have a lot of blue and white in the house and kitchen. It's been installed for 2 years now and we love it. No staining, no maintenance. It requires a miter edge but it looks wonderful. I'd be happy to send pics.

  2. Fabulous! Let us know which one you choose!

  3. What a fun dilemma to have to work through!!! I know whatever you choose will be amazing!

  4. I used Cambria quartz in “Torquay”
    It’s beautiful and is a beautiful backdrop to my large collection of blue and white!


  5. I am very interested to see what you find, because I've been on this hunt for quite a while to find the perfect substitute for white marble.
    Good luck!