Monday, March 18, 2019


Herend Armadillo
I have not been back to the Sarasota house since closing, as I have been getting everything ready to put my house here on the market in 2 weeks. Art has been down in Florida golfing and just stopped by the new house. Everything is fine except for an infestation of armadillos on the property. I have never heard of such a thing as armadillo pest control and didn't even know that there are armadillos in Florida.


  1. Absolutely! And they are not as cute as the Herend ones! By all means avoid running them over. Welcome to Paradise :-)

  2. Oh yes. They call them Possums on the Half Shell in FL and South GA :(
    but I promise you the warmth and beauty of Fl outweighs the pests!! And there is no end to wonderful chinoiserie furniture and accessories in the thrift stores all over FL!! You will find anything and everything you could want if you like to take your time and look!!