Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Chinoiserie Living Room

Celerie Kemble - Architectural Digest

This is one of the prettiest rooms I've seen in a while. Let's look at some of its elements -

*A color palette of pink, coral, blue, gray, black, and green - my favorites
*Lots of pattern
*A zigzag rug
*Chinoiserie wallpaper
*Woodwork painted gloss black
*Gilded brackets with Chinese vases

I love the round settee called a borne settee, a French piece dating back to Napoleonic France. Here is another example below.

Massucco Warner Miller


  1. Extremely pretty I would say! Beth I live and breathe by your blog, just so ya know. I don't watch tv anymore. I read Chinoiserie Chic!

  2. PVlover - You are so nice! Thanks so much.

  3. It's all absolutely beautiful, but for the black mouldings. The black absolutely closes down the room, and is not the proper choice in this instance. A pale grey or blue to match the wallpaper would have been better. The paper is used wonderfully here, and it's all very light and elegant, with the exception of the mouldings.