Sunday, November 20, 2016

120 Items Every Beautiful Home Should Have - A Dictionary

I think House Beautiful needs a dictionary or spell check. That would be "STATIONERY." Yikes. You would think someone would have caught this after several weeks.


  1. The problem is that you only look it up if you are unsure of which version to use. Spell check would have probably passed this one. I have a wonderful little spelling dictionary which sits by my side. It doesn't tell you the meaning of words, it has words commonly misspelt in red, and the correct spelling in black so that you can look up your dodgy word as you think it spelt, and be given the correct word.
    I am a dreadful speller, so my greatest vexation is when a word gets highlighted which I am sure is right, so I look it up and find that, yes, it is right. Grr, doesn't do my confidence any good. I am always sure with the above problem though since a teacher taught me rAVEN, A is used if it is a Verb, and E is used if it is a Noun!

  2. Surprising! What a nice tip from Melissa! I don't have problems with THIS one but still like the tip!