Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Patience - The Kate Spade Cloverdale Rose Bowl at Last!

Michelle Adams
After being featured in Lonny several years ago in the bedroom of Lonny's founder Michelle Adams, this Kate Spade Cloverdale rose bowl (at that point already retired by Kate Spade) became a much sought after item, to say the least. Bloggers were posting their DIY versions all over the internet. I was determined to snag the original.

These are the two versions it came in

One day I was browsing my HomeGoods and spotted the cylindrical version. It is now happily ensconced in my office.

Still determined to find the rose bowl version,  I checked eBay every once in a while. The other morning I found it, and happily it was on Make An Offer, which I immediately did and won it.

In mint condition, and at a great price too. It arrived yesterday and I'm still thinking about where it will go in my house. It is absolutely gorgeous!

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  1. Congrats! I have found many wonderful Kate Spade items at HG over the years. Can't wait to see where you use you new treasure.