Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chinoiserie Pop Quiz

Alex Papachristidis

Alex Papachristidis, a devotee of Chinoiserie decorating, has put together quite a vignette here. Ok, CC fans, let's see how many Chinoiserie icons we have going on here. And for you purists, not all are technically Chinoiserie, but have become part of the modern approach to decorating with Chinoiserie now known as Chinoiserie Chic, a phrase I coined when I started my blog back in 2009. See how many items you find before looking at the list. I have counted 20 pieces I would put under the rubric of Chinoiserie Chic decor.

1. Chinese garden stool
2. Chinoiserie fabric on two chairs
3. Elephant figurine
4. Potted orchid
5. Blue and white Chinese porcelain collection - four pieces
6. Pair of black and gold Chinoiserie sconces
7. Black and gold Chinoiserie wall shelf
8. Zebra rug
9. Shell collection - four pieces
10. Chinoiserie armoire
11. Pair of cranes


  1. I love the two Le Lac upholstered chairs! A few years ago-I was so lucky to find more than 22 yds of it at bargain, give away prices on the internet..:-)

  2. What Dolores said about those chairs and that AMAZING fabric.....I can only DREAM of such luck on the internet!!! Alex is unsurpassed in his ability to blend all beautifully!