Friday, April 1, 2016

Great Chinoiserie Chic Picks

Chinoiserie Car Seat Neck Pillow

Chinoiserie Diapers

Chinoiserie Barbie

Chinoiserie Bear

Chinoiserie Socks

Chinoiserie Bike Jersey and Shorts

Chinoiserie Seat Pad

Chinoiserie Bedspread and Shams

Chinoiserie Dog Bed

Chinoiserie Car Pendant

Happy April Fool's Day everyone. I thought you would have fun seeing these actual products all available on Amazon when you use the search term "Chinoiserie." Wow, this is disturbing and funny and weird!


  1. LOL! Actually I could use the car neck pillow! And the chinoiserie bear is kind of cute!

  2. Happy Fool's Day to you, too. You always loved this day! I think these products are to Chinoiserie as Trump is to presidential qualifications.

  3. Love it! Was waiting to see if you had an April Fool's joke up your sleeve....

  4. LOL! ALWAYS love your April Fool's post.....some of these are beyond ridiculous!!!

  5. Another hilarious April Fools Day Post. I still haven't gotten over the Chinoiserie Chic for Walmart post a few years ago. I read it thinking, " this stuff is hideous. What a sellout" before I realized it was a joke!