Friday, February 6, 2015

Gray Walls or Wallpaper?

Traditional Home
When I was looking for pictures for my series on gray and Chinoiserie from my Pinterest boards and Pinterest, I discovered these. I suspect that the wallpaper company photoshopped the wallpaper in as the two shots are identical. But it is quite interesting to see the difference between the walls painted gray and wallpapered in a gray Chinoiserie paper. Which one do you prefer?

NSR Handcrafts


  1. I surprised myself by liking the wallpaper better than the wall paint. The wallpaper makes everything pop.

  2. The Wallpaper...the gray walls are lovely
    --I have gray walls in my DR but the wallpaper is stunning! 1 vote for the wallpaper.

  3. The wallpaper holds the promise of Spring to come, while the grey walls look like a damp rainy day. Ugh !

  4. The wallpaper takes this space from great to stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I prefer the paper, but if it is not in one's budget, the paint still looks great.

  6. The paint. I think the paper is a more traditional look whilst the paper is a more contemporary look. So I guess it depends on which of these looks you favour in your home.