Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Look at the Chinoiserie Dining Room

Traditional Home
I mentioned yesterday that my plan for my dining room redo so far includes a round dining table and white Chinese Chippendale chairs. Yesterday we looked at a dining room that used contrasting leather upholstered chairs. Today's examples use all matching white Chinese Chippendale chairs. Which do you prefer - all the same chairs or a mix?

Tiffany Eastman

Hillary Thomas


Veronica Swanson - Harper's Bazaar

Elle Decor


  1. Chinoiserie Goddess, I'm hoping you can help me. I got these two bamboo chairs and am thinking about redoing them etc, but was wondering if you knew a way to tell of what quality they are? are they a certain brand? are there certain features that are on high end brands or cheaper brands etc?


    p.s. here's the link to where I got them if this will help.


  2. Hi again, I forget the link...of course... it's here:


  3. I prefer matching chairs around the table but perhaps a couple of mismatched chairs along the wall that can be pulled to the table if needed. I especially like the chairs in the Traditional Home photo.

  4. Love them all white - cohesive, serene, and lovely!

  5. I prefer yesterday's green mix but which ever you choose you will not go wrong. Those white chairs are killer good!

  6. For a round table I prefer chairs to be all the same. Sounds like it will be beautiful!

  7. Prefer today's options. Adore the first chinoiserie style table in the first pic but probably think a contrasting table would give the room an edge xx

  8. I love the Traditional Home dining room with the addition of the 2 green chairs. I tend to pull back from everything being too "matchy matchy" in most instances, i.e. dining room suites/bedroom suites. I know you will be nowhere near that. Wondering if the size of the room & the table might somewhat dictate what will work if you try introducing a couple of different chairs. You know the white chairs you are getting. You can play with other chairs once you have the table lined up and see what you love. You will make the perfect decision. I know it!!

  9. Totally agree - the big chairs do seem to require a fair amount if space. Actually the table almost seems too small...?