Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Chinoiserie Dog

This week my daughter and I will be bringing home our new Japanese Chin puppy Margot. I decided it would be fun for me (and I hope for you) to post this week on dog beds, bowls, collars, toys, and the like with Chinoiserie Chic style. Today we start with some darling dog toys.

These rubber tassel dog toys are so cute. These are pretty enough to leave out! Perfect for tug of war or hide and seek, you can even hide a treat inside.

Rubber Tassel Dog Toy

These alligator rope toys are so Palm Beach Chic and they even clean your pup's teeth as he chews.

Pink and Green Alligator Cotton Rope Toys

These toile dog bone toys are available in several colors and two sizes - so chic!

Toile Dog Bone Toys

Tug and toss toys in fabulous colors to match your home.

Tug and Toss Cotton Rope Toys

This is a great gift for the new puppy - a gift bucket with 15 tennis balls. The bucket can be personalized.

Gift Bucket with Assorted Tennis Balls

And here is Margot's first outfit - a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. You can find it here - personalization is free.


  1. She is just so cute....hope your current little Queen Bee will accept her.....

  2. Very sweet. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful life with you. I've got a Pekingese- another Chinoiserie dog!