Thursday, July 3, 2014

Literary Coastal Chinoiserie

I pinned this room last night and it led me to the discovery that it is featured in Lisa Borgnes Giramonti's (of the wonderful blog A Bloomsbury Life) upcoming book - Literary Interiors published by Random House and due out in December of 2014. The book highlights how classic literature can influence your design style - this room is Evelyn Waugh (Brideshead Revisited) inspired. The living room is in the home of Mark Sikes. Read more about the book on The Tory Blog here.

If I had a beach house, this room would be my inspiration. I can see why Tory Burch would love this space - below is a a room from her own Southampton beach house.


  1. Beth, Thanks for the photos. These two rooms are very near what I have in my own home! Love both of these. Thanks for the tip for The Tory Blog. I will add it to my list of "musts".

  2. Beth I love seeing these classic images from such fine designers, I have many of the same elements in my own home!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Both of these rooms are my favorite style. I love them!!!! My own home resembles the first photo.