Saturday, June 28, 2014

Upcoming Projects

House Beautiful
 This probably falls into the category of "What was I thinking?" but this next month I have lots of projects on tap.

1. Doing a man cave for my husband and redoing the garage were my two big house projects for 2014. I did the man cave for the last One Room Challenge and this week I start on the garage redo. Can a garage have Chinoiserie? I'll post updates over the next month.

2. I ordered all new towels when Horchow was having that great sale on the Ralph Lauren monogrammed towels, and it motivated me to clean out and reorganize my linen closet. My painter arrives a week from Monday to paint it and the garage.

Real Simple

3. We pick up the new puppy in July and as lots of you know, a new puppy is a BIG project, but I am so looking forward to bringing her home.


4. My daughter Kate has wanted to move from DC to Alexandria, where we live, and has been apartment hunting for a while with no luck. So she has decided to move back in here in August to regroup and help with the puppy (the puppy is actually going to be Kate's dog) and keep me company after the loss of my friend. I am so excited! But that means getting the house (and closets - she is a fashion stylist with a huge wardrobe) all ready for her arrival.


5. To top it all off, I am in the midst of a blog redesign to freshen things up after 5 years.

Stay tuned to see if I survive all of this!


  1. can't wait to see the garage redo, I need some inspiration to tackle mine!

  2. My My My!! You are one ambitious woman!!! I know there is method to your madness in keeping busy. Sending good thoughts your way and can't wait to see how that garage re-do shakes out. If anyone can turn a lowly garage on it's ear and give it a Chinoiserie flair, it is YOU!!

  3. Why couldn't a garage be Chinoiserie? It could be whatever you want it to be. You go girl!

  4. Not only will you survive, I’ve no doubt you will thrive (at least so long as the puppy doesn’t keep you up all night). Looking forward to seeing the projects and more of the pup!

  5. What kind of puppy is Margot?
    She is adorable!!!
    Have fun with her!!!

  6. My goodness, Beth! I do not know how you do it!! I cannot wait to see your web design... and are you going to paint your garage pink? :)

    The Glam Pad