Friday, June 13, 2014

Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - A Dozen Living Room Vignettes

 No edition of Fabulous Friday Finds today since I had a special Wednesday edition. Instead, today my house tour continues with some vignettes from my living room. Hope you enjoy. Here's what we've looked at to date on the tour.

Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - My Dressing Room
Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - The Foyer
Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - The Kitchen
Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - The Dining Room
Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - The Pagoda Bedroom


  1. Gorgeous! I love all the color and especially love your Herend collection. Thanks for the tour!

  2. To see the joy of whimsical animals in decor makes me smile. You've got quite the collection of fabulous. Fun tour...

  3. Hi Beth,

    In your May 27th post there was an enchanting small pagoda with three levels or shelves, each decorated with miniature furniture and small accessories. Where in the world did your find this? Was this a one of a kind object that you were lucky enough to stumble upon, or is this something that is available to buy?

  4. You ALWAYS have the MOST AMAZING accessories....I am always wishing to know where you found the ones that are new to me! Thank you for sharing yet another special room!

  5. Love your vignettes and attention to details, color and composition.
    -Linda, NY

  6. Two years ago I was in the porcelain factory in Herend... Princess Diana used to collect these animals as well.