Monday, May 19, 2014

Chinoiserie Chic House Tour - My Dressing Room

When my photographer shot the photos of my Chinoiserie Man Cave for the One Room Challenge reveal, I decided to have her take photos of several other rooms in my home as well.

For some of my posts this week and next, I will take you on a house tour of these rooms. I hope you enjoy it. I start today with my dressing room. Several years ago, I decided to convert a small bedroom in my house into a dressing room for myself that houses my accessories. There is a rack for shoes, one for my hats, and one for handbags. The dresser holds jewelry. One of my favorite things is the pair of antique chairs I found at auction and had upholstered in leopard velvet.

The wall color is a pink I had custom matched to a Thomas Pink shopping bag.

A Thomas Pink store

Thomas Pink signature pink


  1. I can't imagine how wonderful it must be to have such a large space for your clothes and accessories. Where do you keep the flip-flops and sneakers?

  2. Of course I love your pink dressing room. I matched my kitchen to the Laduree green bag ! Love all your hats they are fun.

  3. Oh my that is amazing!! What a fun girly girl space, like walking into your favorite little boutique but knowing you get to keep everything in the store...jackpot!

  4. Those hats! Those shoes! I'm smitten with your style my dear. The pink walls were the perfect choice for the space too. I love how you think. Looking forward to seeing more rooms!

  5. Love seeing all of my shoes displayed in your boudoir. I have one too--I repurposed my younger son's room and couldn't be happier!

  6. OMG!!! What a French confection of a post!!!! I adore the way you decorated your house, so this is such a treat! Thanks you!!!!
    -Linda, NY