Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Creating Inspiration Boards

Have you been dying to create beautiful inspiration boards but didn't want to take out a student loan and go back to school to buy and learn Photoshop? Polyvore to the rescue. You can join for free and start creating boards in minutes it's so intuitive and fun. Linda at Calling It Home has a great tutorial here.

Here are some boards I published yesterday. You can see all my Polyvore boards and follow me on Polyvore here. Once I get 30 followers, I plan to create a Chinoiserie Chic group where you can join the group and add any Chinoiserie inspiration boards you create.

To make it even more exciting, Linda has a room design contest on Polyvore called Project Decorate where two winners will receive $500 gift cards from One Kings Lane. Here are three boards I entered in her contest yesterday. You can enter as many boards as you wish. The contest ends Sunday. Here is the link to the contest.

The theme is Tropical Coastal Decor. To make it even easier, I did a post for Linda a while back on Tropical Coastal and how to achieve this look including the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can find it here.

This is a board I created for a contest on Polyvore called Seaside Glamour (the contest has ended) just as an experiment since this was my first contest on Polyvore.

Here is Linda's inspiration board that she created with her vision of Tropical Coastal.

I was so happy to see that it was not filled with Linda's beloved driftwood. I have nightmares of her new home in Florida being filled with this -

Now go have fun and start creating your own boards on Polyvore.


  1. No one can make me laugh, like you can! Thanks for mentioning my contest. I am dying over your boards, and can't wait until you start a group. I will be making Chinoiserie Driftwood sets for your group!

  2. Beth, you are so freaking awesome. I love every single board. You are my design hero.

  3. I followed you Saturday and invited you to my group yesterday : ) LOVE all of your boards!!

  4. Beth, you've posted hat image of the flamingo with the monkey on its back before, and it kills me every time. Is that one of your photoshop masterpieces?

  5. Polyvore has become my new addiction! It is so fun! And your driftwood comments are hilarious!