Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Black and White Chinoiserie

Better Homes & Gardens
My February Houzz Ideabook brings you lots of great picks for adding black and white Chinoiserie to your home. Black and white is a hot trend for 2014.

When you add black and white pieces to a room with lots of color, it adds glamour and sophistication to the space, preventing it from looking juvenile.

Add black and white to a beige room, and it removes the boredom factor!

An all black and white room is modern and crisp, yet classic and elegant.

Here are some wonderful examples of rooms that mix black, white, and Chinoiserie.

You can find even more on my Pinterest board here.

Atmosphere Interior Design

Arianna Belle Organized Interiors


Verandah House

Design Indulgence

Traditional Home

Robert Brown Interiors

Ralph Lauren

Rue Magazine

The home of Dorothy Rodgers from My Favorite Things



Ashley Goforth

Architectural Digest

via Elements of Style


  1. Loving this. The headboard in the Traditional Home shot - my heart can't take it!

  2. The Lonny Mag pic of the fireplace at JK Pace (with the pink flowers on the mantle) has always been one of my favs! So classic and beautiful!

  3. Ditto on the Traditional Home headboard. What a beauty! Love black and white in any style, but Chinoiserie is stellar.

  4. Creative...the dining room side chairs with white upholstery accented with black top. Is the black leather?

  5. I always love a bit of black in any room! These are just beautiful.