Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Want a Zebra Too!

Zebras continue to be a very hot trend in 2014 with no signs of slowing down. Faux zebra rugs, pillows, fabric, wallpaper, and art all fit perfectly with Chinoiserie Chic, Hollywood Regency, and Palm Beach Chic style.

But have you noticed how zebra figurines are popping up everywhere? I want one too and have been scouring Etsy, eBay, and my thrift stores and consignment shops with no luck so far. I would love a vintage one especially. I'm surprised that HomeGoods and Z Gallerie haven't picked up on this trend yet. BTW, I got several reports that HomeGoods stores have had a run on bar carts since my post over the weekend on my bar cart find and several followers have emailed me photos of their finds.

Well, my hunt continues for a zebra to bring home. I think this is a real zebra in interior designer Ryan Korban's home. One word - repulsive. This is the last time he will appear on my blog. Here is an excerpt from an interview with him. 

ID: What do you like to be surrounded by in your own home?

RK: [Laughs.] A lot of dead animals and fur, some crystals. I love taxidermy, so I have my collection of cranes and peacocks. I like to be surrounded by textural and exotic things, things that feel really special and are borderline fantasy.

 I'm sorry, but that is really odd.

So wrong!


  1. Beth zebras are wonderful animals, so striking! Korban is so wrong, i am disgusted!

    PS Love your bar cart...

    Kansas City Culture

  2. To honor all of your daily post that I enjoy so much I'm going to be on the hunt for vintage Zebras for you! If I'm lucky enough to find any, I will be in touch. I think on my next trip to Palm Springs I'll be looking at the vintage consignment stores. Wish me luck....

  3. now if you could find a vintage Hermes ashtray with a zebra… that would be a total score! Love the pics!

  4. Hmmm...I'm not so into zebras, but my daughter is. I have a scruffy, well past fashionably shabby papier mache horse that might find new life with some stripes. Daughter might get lucky.

  5. EEWWWW, and he's creepy looking. I do love the vintage one's.

  6. Okay, I think I would stick to the ceramic one.. that young taxidermy colt is not my idea of an inierior accessory. But I do love the ones you found.. they are far better than his!!

  7. Oh, I would love to find a vintage zebra! Good luck with your hunt!!

    The Glam Pad