Monday, January 13, 2014

HomeGoods, Football, and Chinoiserie

Ming Circus Football
I hope everybody had a great weekend. Mine was fun. On Saturday morning, I had this feeling I should head off to HomeGoods even though it was pouring rain. When I got there, I instinctively headed to the furniture section and spotted a beautiful silver faux bois bar cart for $179.99. I wheeled it up to the cash register and the check out person was on the phone with a woman who had seen it at closing the night before and wanted it. The one thing I have learned about HomeGoods is to grab it. It probably won't be there if you go back. Pictures of it in my dressing room are below. It is just hanging out there temporarily - it's permanent home will be in the Chinoiserie Man Cave that I am planning for my husband. Every man cave needs a bar, right?

Speaking of man caves, after finding that, I took the rest of the weekend off and watched all four football games. Did you watch any football? I thought we would take a peek at football and Chinoiserie. I created these three hand-painted silk Chinoiserie football wallpapers for last year's Super Bowl post and nobody got it. Everybody was pinning them to their Chinoiserie Pinterest boards. So I thought I would try posting them again!

Also below is a photo of the bedroom Linda at Calling It Home did for a past One Room Challenge that had lots of great Chinoiserie. What cracked me up was that when I was looking for photos for this post, I found that somebody pinned it and put this comment -

Loverly that dresser. Not so into football and baseball books.

They actually took the time to read the book jackets and diss them.

This week will be the wrap-up and finale of my series on the Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014.

Chinoiserie Football in the Park

Singerie Touch Football

Linda's One Room Challenge master bedroom with sports books

My new HomeGoods bar cart

A close-up

Inspiration for the Chinoiserie man cave


  1. Dying over that bar cart! I have visions of you struggling to get that into your car in the rain. Thanks for the mention and the reminder that people on Pinterest have time to leave comments about random details.

  2. You've developed a whole new way to decorate: retail devination! Love the cart. Can't wait to see the CC man cave.

    When I first saw the wallpaper, I thought can it already be April Fools Day?

  3. Love that bar cart and cannot wait to see man cave reveal.
    -Linda, NY

  4. Retail Devination!!!! I love it!
    That bar cart is IT!!! Too perfect! Another amazing score! We have all learned the hard way about not snapping up something perfect the first time we see it! Looking forward to the man cave! It WAS a great weekend of football!

  5. LOVE the footballs! Too funny! And how lucky are you on that bar cart score??!! Great find!

  6. Score! Cart & Football wallpaper = amazing!

  7. Hahahahaha. As a lover of chinoiserie AND football, I may just need to get those papers to put in my house. Maybe it is a happy medium for your husband's man cave? Something for you? Something for him?