Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside - Tartan & Chinoiserie

With much of the country shivering under an arctic blast, I decided to switch gears today. It was 7 degrees when I walked my dog just now and I live in Virginia, not Minnesota. Schools are canceled today because of the cold! Only my dog loves it - she is a Tibetan Spaniel and the breed is from the mountains of Tibet and she can't get enough of the cold weather.

Instead of #8 of my top ten Chinoiserie trends for 2014, we will take a look at the warm and toasty combination of tartan and Chinoiserie. This is a wonderful pairing - classic, traditional, and timeless. The undisputed masters of combining tartan and Chinoiserie are Ralph Lauren and Scot Meacham Wood/The Adventures of Tartanscot. I love tartan - I have two Pinterest boards on tartan here and here. Want to follow me on Pinterest? Click here.


  1. Masters of mix. I love the layering of rugs over sea grass.
    On a side note, where can one purchase that bunny's coat? Too funny...

  2. Tartan and Chinoiserie certainly warm my heart on this very cold January day. Nice post! I'm off to visit your tartan boards. Stop by sometime to visit mine if you like. Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Love the mix. My maiden name is Houston. Sad to say the Houston tartan is one of my very least favorites! I think tartans are a handsome addition to the world collection look. Our arctic blast has blasted on through with minus temps and "feels like"in the minus double digits. Sunday should be in the high 40s. As a gardener, this stuff terrifies me.

    I, too, love the bunny. The bunny and the baby flamingo have been your show stoppers.

    MY Husband - a long decendent from the MacRae Clan introduced me to Tartan. . .
    Warm - Cosy - Comfortable with a Long History-!
    Delightful-! Thanks-MMR