Saturday, January 4, 2014

#5 - The Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014

Windsor Smith
Today we look at #5 of my Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014. If you have missed any -

#1 - Mixing Gold, Silver, and Chinoiserie
#2 - Mixing African and Chinoiserie
#3 - Navy and Chinoiserie
#4 - Chinoiserie Chic Color of the Year 2014 - Baby Flamingo Lavender Gray

Today's trend is Gray and Chinoiserie. Gray has been popular for several years now and has become the neutral of choice in modern interiors. I personally love gray and it is at its best paired with Chinoiserie - classic, ethereal, understated, and sophisticated.

My new Houzz Ideabook for January 2014 is called "Gray Is The New Black." You will find great ideas on using gray and Chinoiserie in your home for a modern yet timeless chic.

Howard Slatkin

Alexa Hampton

Mary McDonald

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  1. Beth, I love the last photo. LOVE!
    I like the sleekness with the chinoiserie. Happy New Year !!

  2. Your blog was recommended by one of my Pink Saturday Blog friends...beautiful pictures...I'll be back to visit again.