Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Training Your Eye and ORC News

A while back I found this darling little pink glass Asian lady figurine at one of my consignment stores for $7.00. Pink and Chinoiserie - a no-brainer for me. She has been sitting on my coffee table ever since. Yesterday I was looking at the Gump's website and saw these Asian sister figurines below. Not identical, but very close and $158.00 for the standing red one and $170.00 for the standing golden one. I like mine the best.

Thrift stores, consignment stores, yard sales, and the like are great ways to train your design eye. Generally things are not marked or labeled so you are relying completely on your own aesthetic and not a designer label. If you have a good eye and trust your instincts, you can find lots of treasures, big and small, for very little money.

A big thanks to Ashlina at The Decorista for featuring my One Room Challenge laundry room in "10 things that rocked my world this week...orc edition." I know how hard we all worked on our rooms and appreciate very much the shout outs.

The Pink Pagoda has come out with a green version of those fabulous botanical prints she made for Linda for the One Room Challenge. Wait until you see the inspiration board I have in mind for these!

Gump's Red Murano Asian Sisters
Gump's Golden Murano Asian Sisters
Set of Four Green and White Graphic Botanical Prints


  1. I love the pink! Stop by The Relished Roost for a great giveaway today!

  2. I know I will need a set of these prints in green.

  3. Beth,
    I couldn't agree with you more. I have found some amazing pieces at garage sales. Please check out some at my post today.
    You do have a great eye, and inspiring words too.
    Buy what you like! Love the pink...

  4. Hi my love. Your room seriously is so good. I want to move in!!!! ;)
    thanks for the love.

  5. My late MIL always said: Educate your eye up and find your budget on the way down. Work for me. And your pink is way better than Gump's.

  6. I think it takes talent to find treasures amongst junk in a consignment shop or yard sale, great find!

  7. I love going into thrift stores and junk stores as some call them I have found several treasures there
    You have to look beyond the dirt and dust

  8. I like your pink lady much better! And thank you for sharing my prints. I can't wait to see the board!