Friday, November 8, 2013

One Room Challenge - The Glam Pad

Today for my One Room Challenge series I am featuring one of the linking party participants, Andrea from The Glam Pad. A girl after my own heart, she has created an incredible Chinoiserie powder room on a budget. The room includes "faux de Gournay" hand painted silk wallpaper she commissioned in China, a Sherle Wagner marble sink retailing at over $22,000 she got on Craigslist for $250, faucet, sconces, and chandelier from eBay, and a DIY mirror.

The result is a Moet & Chandon Chinoiserie gem on a Bud Light Lowe's budget. This room points out two important interior design truths.

First, that money is no substitute for taste and style. If you have a good eye, you can walk into HomeGoods or a thrift store or stalk Etsy and eBay and walk away with beautiful things for pennies.

Second, hiring an interior designer is no guarantee of a beautiful home. There are lots of interior designers out there with no talent whatsoever. I think you are either born with the talent or you are not. Style is not something you learn. Did you know that Miles Redd, Charlotte Moss, Darryl Carter, and Mary McDonald do not have degrees in interior design? Darryl Carter graduated from Georgetown Law School!

At any rate, I digress. I just found it interesting that in the One Room Challenge and with the One Room Challenge Linking Participants, almost every one of my favorites was done by a "non-professional."

This amazing powder room is such a perfect example of this. Pop over to The Glam Pad to read all the details and to follow the transformation from start to finish. If you missed my laundry room reveal, you can find it here. It too was done on a budget with (I think) a great result.


  1. Oh, Beth!! I am so touched and honored by your kind words... This is the ultimate compliment coming from you! Thank you, thank you for making my day!!! :)

    The Glam Pad

  2. Andrea's powder is perfection. It couldn't be more beautiful. I completely agree with you that it's all about having a good eye. I've seen non professionals that just have that gift and professionals that don't have a clue. What all this means to me is that you should know your strengths and weaknesses. If you don't have an eye for design, hire someone to help you. Just do your research carefully to make sure you're hiring someone who is good.

  3. She was definitely channeling her 'inner Beth' on this one. Andrea has an amazing eye for detail. I love this powder room and can't wait to see the rest of her home. She might be your biggest competitor on Ebay? I should find out what your Ebay names are so I will know if I am bidding against both of you.

  4. I die...that wallpaper!!! franki

  5. I couldn't agree with you more! Miles Redd and Mary Macdonald are two of my design idols (and now Andrea) that prove "if you've got, you've got it". No amount of formal education or money will make up for a lack of talent. And a lack money and formal education won't get in the way of those with real talent.

  6. AMAZING wallpaper! Love this room. Have a great weekend.