Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stripes and Projects

There is a month left until Thanksgiving and I have several projects in my own home I want to finish before I turn my attention to decorating my house for Christmas which I adore.

To  Do List -
Finish the laundry room for the One Room Challenge - the reveal is in a week!
Wallpaper the downstairs hallway - I have scheduled my wallpaper hanger for next week.
Refresh the entryway - waiting on my painter.

I have added one more thing to my list - a new rug for the living room. I am tired of my oriental rug and have decided I really want an offset black and white striped rug. I love combining stripes and Chinoiserie and my go to choice is often striped silk taffeta curtains. I really think this black and white striped rug in my living room will be a great fit. The colors in my living room are pastels - pink, ice blue, yellow, and celadon, and the graphic punch of this rug will add real drama.

I am debating between these two rugs -
The Madeline Weinrib Buche Rug is a 100% wool flatweave carpet in black and white offset stripes and is $4,000 in the 8x11.

The Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug is a 100% wool flatweave carpet in black and white offset stripes and is $399 in the 8x11.

A no-brainer - Ikea here I come!


  1. Really at that price you can replace it when needed!

    2013 The Arts by Karena

  2. That's a tuff call Beth. I believe in purchasing quality, but the price of Ikea one allows you to live with it for a year and make sure you like it before you invest in the higher price one. Something to consider...good luck!

  3. Cool and if it gets ruined or you get sick of it out it goes!! Great!!

  4. Since that will be such a dramatic change from what you've "lived with" my choice would be IKEA. franki

  5. I agree it's a no-brainer. And a fun change to boot! And if you want to change to something different later, not a huge investment. Have fun! I can hardly wait to see your reveal tomorrow,

  6. Just saw a whole list of high-lows for Ikea rugs vs high end, this morning. It's a No brainer! I'm sure your change will be fabulous, as usual!

  7. A long time fave of mine! It's going to look great, kinda like your laundry room floors.

  8. I'm all in for a good look for less. And I absolutely love striped rugs!