Friday, October 18, 2013

Investing in Art

People love "interior designer secrets" like hanging a mirror 7" above the mantel or hanging the chandelier 30" above the dining table. My number 1 tip would be to invest in original art for your walls. In so many beautiful homes I see, the entire level is brought down by ill chosen reproduction art. Wonderful original pieces of art can be found at local auction houses. There are many amazing emerging artists on Etsy. I love the giclees of artists like Harrison Howard and The Pink Pagoda.

The work of Kerry Steele is among my very favorite. I have posted before about how her stunning abstracts pieces go beautifully with Chinoiserie and with any style, including traditional, bringing a sophisticated and elegant modern element into a room.

Original art is more of an initial investment, but if you buy what you love, you will have pieces that will always bring you joy and that will be of real value. Works of art are more than decoration for your home. Some experts say that art is second only to real estate as the best place to put your money.

Some galleries and artists have started special purchase plans, and I am happy to announce that Kerry Steele has begun a Patron Installment Program. For art over $300, you can have the piece removed from inventory and held for you while you gather the necessary funds and make payments on it. Once the painting is paid in full, the piece is shipped to you. Commissioned work is included in this program. There are no fees or interest added. This is a courtesy to customers to make investing in these major pieces easier. You can read all the details here.

Visit to view her portfolio, to inquire about commissioning a piece of art, and to learn more about this exciting and innovative new Patron Installment Program.


  1. smart, smart, smart! Great feature on Kerry. Love her work.

  2. Way to go Kerry ... and I agree with you whole heartedly Beth. I am a Home Goods shopper, but I try so hard to steer my clients from choosing HG art.

  3. The "original art" you posted is fabulous! Creative financing, too! franki

  4. I've lived in several cities across Canada and have purchased original works by local artists in each city. I now have an amazing collection of art that reminds me of wonderful places and good friends.

  5. Thank you Beth for getting this message out. Whether large or small, original artwork heightens the aesthetic level of a home tremendously.

    2013 Designers Series

  6. great post! we have a mix of original artwork and prints in our house. we tend to get them from different places we've been to so each carries a story.

  7. I think you just convinced me to go ahead with purchase if Kerry Steele's "Style Canoeing".