Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Love You HomeGoods

Mary McDonald
 Many of you read yesterday's One Room Challenge post about how I snagged $2,000 worth of Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper on eBay for my laundry room for $150. Well, it happened again!

I have been working so hard on my laundry room makeover, that I decided to take a little break yesterday and make a HomeGoods run. I have shopping ESP, do you? I sensed walking in that I was going to find something truly amazing. I always head to the lighting department first, because I have posted before about my addiction to Ralph Lauren Chinoiserie lamps I find at HomeGoods.

There it was, calling out to me - "Beth, Beth, I'm over here."

Ralph Lauren
Gold Leaf
And Crystal

The regular price on it was $2,000 and I got it for $350.00. I have been looking for a new chandelier for my dining room for ages, and what I really envisioned was a gold leaf pagoda. I have lived with the lighting fixture I have for years, knowing it would someday appear. The one below is one I posted on that got away on eBay much to my dismay. I like mine a thousand times more.

There is one small glitch. It is missing its ceiling canopy (the round piece that hides the hole in the ceiling). I spent some time looking for replacements online and none are gold leaf and none have modern lines - lots of antique reproductions. Maybe I can find a simple brass or metal one and have my amazing antique restorer in Old Town gold leaf it for me. I have not shown you a picture of it, as I would much rather have you see it for the first time hanging in my dining room. So you can look forward to my dining room reveal and my laundry room reveal.

As an aside, I have had great luck on Etsy and eBay with wallpaper, especially high end wallpaper. Several years ago a follower of Chinoiserie Chic emailed me about an Etsy seller with 15 rolls of Clarence House Chinoiserie Baroque for $150. Here is the post about it from 2010. It is a very expensive and very beautiful and very discontinued paper worth $$$$. I snatched it up and it is gorgeous in my dining room. Here is a tour of my dining room with the existing chandelier.

Clarence House Chinoiserie Baroque
On the laundry room side, my wallpaper hanger spent all day yesterday skimming and sanding the laundry room walls and they look like glass. Today he is doing still more prep work and priming them, so the hanging won't start until tomorrow. Quite a perfectionist. Tomorrow he wants me to work with him positioning the layout of the design.

The one that got away on eBay, not mine


  1. I was so impressed when you told of your first wallpaper score, and then a second one made me feel a bit envious. But now, the pagoda chandelier? While I am absolutely thrilled for you and can't wait to see it, I want it for me!!! are an inspiration, both for style and shopping élan.

  2. You tease! Show us that chandelier, we are DYING to see it!!! Congrats on yet another HG score!

  3. best luck ever = you. I stalk HG weekly. Lighting section is always my first stop too. Have yet to see a chandelier but found an enormous and amazing Oscar de la Renta chinoiserie lamp a few weeks ago. it pained me to my very core to walk away from it.

  4. Mee too.....Well if I have so much as walked into a TJ Maxx Homegoods or Marshalls it's as if I am being summoned into the aisle of home design...I agree I can feel it in my bones whispering me to find the car keys and go!
    Lovely score BTW....can't wait to see it live version.If it were me I would fashion my own topper.

  5. Beth You do have a sixth sense about these things ans look what it has brought you!!

    So excited to see the finished result!

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi Beth! First the wallpaper yesterday and now the dream chandelier!! Talk about jealous!
    Can't wait to see both in your home.

  7. Oh wow -- that chandelier that got away is insane! We are waiting with much anticipation to see the Home Goods score. Can't wait!

  8. Beth. Was it the Home Goods in Georgtown? I hear that's supposed to be really good-great score!!

  9. Way to go Beth! And thanks for the important lesson: Sometimes we just have to WAIT for the right thing -- in decorating and in life -- and it's almost always worth it! Congratulations on your scores, and I can't wait to check HomeGoods - thanks for the tip!

  10. When are you going to show yours? I am sure you can source a vintage canopy, even if you have to buy an ugly fixture that may come with it.

  11. Tried to comment on this post from my work computer the day it posted but my company has this Google account blocked. Beth, I am convinced that I need to follow you around and "rub you for luck" so I can experience the glorious finds that fall into your hands! This fantastic chandy after the wallpaper coup is TOO MUCH! Love it!!! This is going to be one heck of a reveal! I'd be tempted to sleep on the floor of that dining room just so I could wake up and look at that light fixture each morning!

  12. You lucky lady!!! I love nothing more than snagging a phenomenal deal and this one sounds like a blockbuster. Its exciting enough to find something you really love but then at a bargain like!!!

    You have me wanting to go to HG today, and I just might:)

  13. It never crossed my mind to check Ebay for chinoiserie fabric and wallpaper. While most offerings are remnants, there are some good deals. I also found some great deals on trellis or fretwork design fabric for finishing touches (4 yards of Kravet linen for the price of one yard retail. . . wow!). Tons of Blue and White fabric, as well as a good selection of pagoda mirrors. I learned you do have to get a little creative with "search" words as Brunschwig, chinoiserie, Scalamandré and Thibaut are sometimes misspelled.

    You are truly an inspiration and thank you for the tips on where to shop.