Monday, October 7, 2013

Blue & White & Green DIY

SWI Vintage
Crazy busy around here. Planning and renovation of my One Room Challenge laundry room makeover is in full swing with a progress report on Wednesday. Since I am doing my laundry room in blue and white and Chinoiserie, I thought this week I would focus on posts on more blue and white Chinoiserie, mud rooms, and laundry rooms to inspire us all.

My Houzz Ideabook this month is on "Green With Chinosierie Envy" and I have really fallen for the combination of green and Chinoiserie - it gives it a real modern vibe. Here are two great DIY ideas. I have always thought the wooden stands for Chinese porcelain were a bit stodgy looking. Spray paint them and WOW! These are done in green, but they could be in any color - orange, coral, hot pink, navy, Chinese red, the world is your oyster. And the combination below of the green apples in the blue and white Chinese porcelain bowl is fabulous and so easy.

Chicago Home Magazine


  1. I love granny smith apples with blue and white decor, even gray decor.. just the right touch of green!

  2. Now...that green is just the "tweak" b/w needed...aren't you glad I didn't say "twerk." franki

  3. I agree that those stands look stodgy. What a fun idea to paint them. So funny that you have the bowl of green apples featured today! I do, too! Not this same one, but same idea. It's on my breakfast table right now : )

  4. Done and done! I will be spray painting today. And just FYI, I have purchased several of those stands from Ross for $10 and $12 lately!