Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Question of Wallpapered Ceilings in Chinoiserie Rooms

In this bedroom in the Bahamas by Miles Redd, he has used a favorite Chinoiserie wallpaper of mine by Quadrille/China Seas called Trellis Background on the walls and Bali II for the bedding and curtains. A different wallpaper is used on the ceiling. What is your opinion of this look? I think three different bold patterns is too much for me. I would have likely painted the ceiling a very pale aqua. The jury is frankly out for me on using a different wallpaper on the ceiling. Here are some other Chinoiserie rooms that employ this technique -

Kristy Lee

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon

I do like a wallpapered ceiling, but I think I prefer using the same wallpaper. Here are some great examples -

Jennifer Dengel

Zoe Feldman

David Cafiero

Elizabeth Bauer

Maison 140

Maison 140
Which do you prefer?


  1. Nice post! I really like the room featuring the Audrey Hepburn pic.I love the colors and the stripes on the wall. Feel free to check out my blog sometime!

  2. Beth I do agree it can work well in a smaller room, powder room or bedroom; IF there are not other busy patterns competing!

    Otherwise, it is just to much and I feel detracts from the wallcovering or upholstery fabric.

    2013 Designer Series

  3. Same on the ceiling is fine as long as it is not directional. It bugs me when the pattern only matches on one wall....

    I like a different one on walls & ceiling. To me some of these just do not work together.

  4. It aooears "they are trying to hard"...only in some cases. franki