Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Velvet Sofa High/Low and Inspiration

Ikea Green Velvet Stockholm Sofa $999

1stdibs Vintage Green Velvet Sofa $5,495

Each year when the new Ikea catalog arrives, there is at least one piece that goes viral with interior design bloggers. Ikea's brilliance is their ability to take hot designer looks and translate them into elegant, well designed, clean lined pieces that are very affordable. Last year, it was the stunning Stockholm wool flat weave rug below, a dead ringer for the designer version costing a zillion $ more. This year it will be the Stockholm sofa in green velvet. It is priced at $999.00 And the cover is removable for dry cleaning! I wanted to remind you of how green velvet sofas have been all the rage with interior designers and how beautifully they work with Chinoiserie. See my gallery below. For more inspiration on green and Chinoiserie, I have a Pinterest board here.

Ikea Stockholm Rug

Jeffrey Bilhuber - Tory Burch living room

Michelle Nussbaumer

Palmer Weiss

Ruthie Sommers

Caroline Roberts - Perch New Orleans

Maio Buatta

Did you know that there are several online stores where you can buy very swank legs for your Ikea furniture to upgrade your look? Here is just one example.


  1. Tory Burch living room is one of my all time favorites!
    Love a pop of green velvet, it's unexpected but really cool!

  2. I have been coveting a green velvet sofa for years, but the legs were what was holding me back from considering the new Ikea version. I had no idea Pretty Pegs even existed - brilliant!!

  3. I melt when I see green.
    Thank you for sharing, and the legs are great.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Palmer Weiss did me in, I have been coveting a green velvet sofa with some animal accents. Had not seen Tory Burch living room, really love it with the blue & white and brass accents. Thanks for another great post.

  5. I'm NOT even a "green person" and this one made me "ahhh!" franki

  6. Beth this is such a great shade of green!! I love it and I am sure many designers will as well!

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