Friday, August 2, 2013

Amazing Craigslist Chinoiserie Find & Giveaway Winner

 I hope that Linda from Calling It Home, the Queen of Craigslist, is not reading this, but I have never done Craigslist. Ever. It has honestly never appealed to me. The idea of hopping into my car, cash in hand, and traipsing to some God forsaken spot where who knows what I will encounter does not sound like my idea of shopping fun.

Then yesterday I received an email from a follower and interior designer who found these Chinese Chippendale chairs for $20 a piece on Craigslist and turned them into this!

This may have changed my mind about Craigslist. But frankly, I have read too may articles on the dangers of Craigslist to be tempted. Here are common Craigslist safety tips -

1. Don't go to the person's home or allow anyone in your home.
2. Never disclose your home address.
3. Use only a cell phone, not your home phone, so that your address can't be traced back to rob you.
4. Meet in a busy public place.
5. Don't meet in a parking lot.
6. Make sure the place is well lit.
7. Meet in a busy restaurant, bank or police station. (Huh?) (Very handy for furniture especially.)
8. Bring cash. (Who carries cash?)
9. Never go alone.
10. Don't even let your husband go alone. (Mine couldn't, he'd get hopelessly lost). (But then again, he wouldn't agree to go in the first place).
11. Go in pairs.
12. Tell your family/friends where you are going. Give them the time, location, etc. (To collect your dead body, I guess).
13. Bring your cell phone.
14. Be especially careful buying or selling high value items. See if law enforcement will oversee the transaction. (Seriously?)
15. Trust your instincts.
16. Be on your guard if "Chinoiserie" is spelled Sheenwowsiree and if the "Chippendale" looks this this -

A "joke" I found about Craigslist -

Guy 1: Hey have you seen Bill around anywhere lately?
Guy 2: Nope, guess he made a deal on Craigslist.

Sorry Craigslist, this is seriously not for me. My idea of risky shopping is getting on the escalator at Bloomingdales in high heels. Sorry, Linda. ;-)

And the winner of the gorgeous Dana Gibson Pink Canton Lumbar Pillow is Dotti. Congratulations!


  1. Too funny...and true. I am with you on the Craig's list thing. This is when your highly trained legal brain kicks in and $20 "Sheenwowsiree" chairs be damned. Besides, not that much good stuff here in Lawrence. Foot surgery (the worst pain I have ever experienced) put the kibosh on heels, but a death watch shopping experience would be sandals and a store full of little chlldren in flip-flops whose parents never pay attention to them and they oh so sorry step all over your feet.

  2. What a lucky find on those chairs! Craigs list score of the year!

    I buy and sell on Craigs list a lot. I take my young adult son with me when he's home from college, but most of the time I go alone or am home alone. I've never felt uncomfortable or unsafe. Maybe I've just been lucky. I do agree with many of the items listed. Just having a buddy around isn't practical for me most of the time.

  3. Hilarious! But seriously what a find! Gorgeous chairs. Wonder who the manufacturer was?

  4. "Whell (as Ronald Reagan would say), there you go again." I have been demoted to Princess because that chair score puts your reader in the lead. You should live a little, where do you think Circa Who gets all their inventory? Besides, you never know when you might find your elephant.

  5. Holy cow, those chairs are amazing. I've bought and sold on Craig's List and your #1 rule is hard to get around if you're dealing with larger objects and don't have a truck. You do have to be smart and wary though. I agree with almost all the other rules. Hubby and I always pair up when dealing with CL people. (And I keep my wee Pekingese out of sight when people are picking up something. I only allow them in the garage and they just hear ferocious barking and fury from the inside. He sounds like a much larger dog! I like to think this discourages them from coming back later.)

  6. Those chairs are "spectacular!!" I, too, am wary of Craig's list although my daughter and s-i-l have sold their car, toys, cabinets, etc. with much success. franki

  7. I have gotten many bargains on Craigslist, but never one as good as $20 each for those sensational chairs. I believe I may have bought most of my furniture on Craigslist, and have no problem going to people's houses to look at it. I think the danger comes with buying or selling expensive items, such as jewelry and computers. Both buyers and sellers may be vulnerable in such transactions. For the most part, I find ordinary people selling great items at huge discounts. Isn't that every decorista's dream?

  8. Those chairs are over the top fabulous! The find of the century and for $20- amazing.
    Those chairs lacquered would be show stoppers.

  9. OH MY GOSH...I love those chairs...I never find deals like that...Amazing...$20.00!