Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Find, Displaying Blue and White Chinese Porcelain, and Magazine Styling

The teeny weeny ginger jar was a new addition this weekend. It's now the smallest in my growing collection of ginger jars and was only $10.00 at my favorite consignment store. Below you will find lots of inspiration on displaying your own blue and white Chinese porcelain collection. The next two shots are in my house as well. Have you entered my Chinoiserie giveaway here?

Jamie Meares

Carolyne Roehm


Oscar de la Renta

Jennifer Nicholson

Martha Stewart Living

Bunny Williams

Carolyne Roehm

Joe Nye

Here is a vignette in Mark Sikes' home with blue and white Chinese porcelain styled three ways -

As styled by interior designer and homeowner Mark Sikes before the photo shoots - I don't like the clay pots, the lone sconce, the bland rug, and the mismatched jumble of items on the console.

As styled by Lonny Magazine - too many dinky pieces and things the same height and I don't like the sconce
and lamp on the left and nothing on the right. No drama.
House Beautiful - pinned a zillion times and with good reason. We don't see the sconce and rug. I love the additions of the palm fronds, the coral, the seashells, and the mini pagodas. More symmetry, more drama, only one mistake. The lamps are not on in the shot anyway - lose the electrical cords!


  1. Beth an enchanting selection of Blue and White Vignettes!! So many lovingly familiar and classic.

    2013 Designer Series

  2. How's that for "name dropping!" Taste! franki

  3. This post is soooo beautiful!! I love the first few images, stunning.

  4. Your new addition is charming! My bathroom is blue & white Chinoserie. =)