Friday, July 5, 2013

The Pretty Gallery Wall 2

Last night, I stumbled upon a Lonny Daily Design Roundup that featured my post on "The Pretty Gallery Wall." The premise of my post was that many people think of gallery walls as either too modern or too Bohemian a look to go with the Chinoiserie Chic/Palm Beach Chic/Hollywood Regency style we embrace here filled with color, Chinoiserie, and classics. I set off to find gallery walls that embraced our style. Here are more great examples of what I call "pretty gallery walls" and find even more on my Pinterest board here.


  1. Hi Beth, great ways to show an art collection. I love gallery walls; though only if they are cohesive and hung correctly, not a jumbled mix!

    2013 Design Series!

  2. I love a good gallery wall. I like the messier ones the best. =)

  3. Just remembered this post with a small section of my gallery wall. You can see it's not neat or "pretty" at all, but I like that I can just add new finds and swap stuff out with out much work.