Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Inspiration

John Stefanidis via The Peak of Chic
What can I say? I adore this. The attention to detail is amazing. I love the striped balloon shades with their arched tops and coral trim, the damask wallpaper, the gilded crown molding, and the incredible blanc de Chine man. Perfection! It's a shame that balloon shades are so little seen today in the United States. I think that if they are done well, they are lovely. Unfortunately, most are executed so poorly that it has turned people off to this style.


  1. Stunning image Beth, of coarse Stefanidis designs generally make me swoon! I do love to see balloon shades made and hung properly and the trim on these is perfect!

    2013 Designer Series

  2. Agree! The crispness of the taffeta sets the stage for perfection!