Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Inspiration

So many things to love in this living room by Celerie Kemble -

*Lovely curved back tufted sofa in white - I love a white sofa - so timeless and versatile
*Lots of pillows
*A touch of leopard
*Symmetry with lots of pairs
*Blue and white Chinese porcelain
*Abstract art
*Sisal layered with an antique Oriental rug
*Gorgeous blue and coral palette
*Matchstick blinds layered under the curtains
*Pagoda lampshades

I like it all but the coffee table which I don't like used here. What about one of these Chinoiserie ones instead?


  1. I think she chose the smaller round coffee table because it is a small area with not much room to walk around. Some of those you picked wouldn't work as they would be too long. I love the last one and it would work. I prefer it to the one used by Ms. Kemble.

  2. I love your choices and think that in this example if she scooched the table a few inches back from the sofa, would work. Another option could be two smaller square bamboo tables side by side.

    Artists Series 2013

  3. That yellow table...die for! franki

  4. I knew you'd feature my all-time favorite apartment eventually! I agree that the coffee table is not functional--it was a model apartment, and the whole place is pretty tight with lots of more diminutive pieces.Too live in it (as if!) I'd need to change it out, too. Too bad the entire lamp tables flanking the sofa aren't visible: they're red-lacquered dragon/fish/snakes! Love this, LOVE your blog!

  5. Divine, Divine, Divine! Agree on the table...Dana's comment made me long to see those red lacquered tables!!!