Monday, April 1, 2013

The Best New Trend in Interior Design- Dead Animal Decor - April Fools!

Have your own little zoo
A very hot trend in interior design is very cold dead animals. I personally can't get enough of this look. Mounted heads and antlers and real zebra skin rugs have been around for years. But recently, dead peacocks have become a popular look with interior designers. I especially like using dead stuffed animals in the entryway to greet your guests or in the dining room to whet the appetite.

 Here is a picture gallery to inspire you. I love the dead animals even more when they are dressed up in hats, jewelry, monocles, bows, unicorn horns, even your wedding dress. A brilliant idea is to cut up and sew together dead animals, especially baby ones, to create fantasy dead animals as wall art. So chic!!!! The mounted baby dead animals would be so fabulous in a nursery or child's room - the stuff of dreams.

I mentioned last week that flamingos are the next big thing in interior design - I can't wait to see a dead stuffed flamingo in someone's home - so much more tasteful than the plastic yard ones.

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UPDATE - Flamingo in a living room - not sure if this is faux or real

Deborah Lloyd's home - a rare albino peacock wearing a Kate Spade necklace

For Deborah Lloyd, one dead peacock was not enough

Anna Sui's home

Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber - Elle Decor

Jeffrey Bilhuber - New York Social Diary

Alexis and Trevor Traina's home  - Vogue

Celery Kemble - Lonny

Celery Kemble - Lonny

Lonny - a peacock on the mantel and a horn or tusk below

Interior designer Melanie Turner loves greeting guests with her dead rhea - nothing says welcome to my home like a dead animal

The dead rhea looks great with the mongolian lamb stools

Greeting guests

Melanie Turner's dead rhea apparently walks - here he is in her living room

Just say NO to dead animals as decor


  1. Happy April fools to you too! LOL

  2. People are so creative. My favorites are the parrot and cockatiels! And can Melanie Turner do wrong? No.
    Happy Monday.

  3. Not sure about the abundance of peacocks, but surely dead animal use is not new. The continued popularity of Deyrolle of Paris is a testament to the enduring use of animals as decor enhancement. . I inherited quite of few from my grandfather. Some date to the 1930's.

  4. I'm hoping this has more to do with April Fool's than a real trend. I understand that there will always be those who choose this as a decoration, however, I personally feel this is an ultimate disgrace to animals. Taxidermy belongs in a museum.

  5. Love your April Fool's posts!!! Always my faves. This one had my laughing out loud.

  6. I read this first without coffee—without knowing what day it was—and thought perhaps our CC Diva might need a group intervention.

    Glad to be reminded of your April 1 fun and games. That said, the last pic had a certain joyful charm. Rather reminds me of the freeze-dried dog in Hotel New Hampshire.

  7. I must say, I agree with Nan above, who says this is a disgrace to animals. What a macabre way to decorate.
    I don't understand it, especially having lived on a Maryland estate with a beautiful living peacock roaming the grounds.
    Who/what gives man the right to kill and stuff for decor? IMHO,it is the ultimate in human arrogance and an assault on Mother Earth.

  8. What a fabulous collection of stuffed animals. The only thing better would have been to include a few endangered species in one's collection, perhaps a panda bear or an elephant. Seriously, though, while this was a great April Fools Day prank, it was very difficult to behold. Then, again, that's the point, isn't it? Observe April 1, and raise conscientious too.

  9. Ha! Loved it.... April Fool's to you too!

  10. Enjoyed your April Fools post... I also get a laugh out of people that are so appalled by others who actually like mounted animals and the audacity of some to even enjoy the hunt... especially when the irony is that they would love to have a pair of Christian Louboutin's mounted on their feet...!

    It should be noted that many of the animals seen in interiors have often met natural deaths before being mounted... also should be noted that most true game hunters do so on reserves that are carefully managed to preserve the balance of nature and the animal population...

    Personally, I can appreciate both a fine pair of shoes and a beautiful mount without worrying what others will think...

  11. I'm a little surprised people have gotten so political here. I won't as I would just argue both sides as always. Since you have a design blog, I'll stay on topic and say that I really can't believe people think any of this is in good taste. While it's all really bad, some of it is amusingly bad and some of it is just horrid. Regardless, it's obviously April Fools Day on CC!

  12. The feathers used in Victorian women's hats were a huge contributor to the elimination of several bird species -

    The use of dead animals should be like fur - if you have an old one - great - wear it, show it. But animals are not needed for decoration or amusement or even warmth - in this day and age.

    Their survival is in many cases borderline as we keep edging them out of their homes.

    I'm waiting for the posting of a stuffed dog or cat - wonder what sensibilities that might provoke.

  13. Deyrolle started my love of taxidermy. The joke is on those who can't appreciate it.

  14. What an absolutely appalling trend. I am so glad you don't approve! I must say you had me going there for a bit, especially as , being Australian, April Fools Day was yesterday!
    You might like to make a small correction though, the emu isn't actually an emu but a rhea.
    I agree with Magnolia, if you have an old taxidermy specimen, or an old fur, then use it and enjoy it. The animal has already given up it's life so make it count, but with fur, there are so many feral species which should be removed for the health of the native population, use their fur and make a good difference.

  15. Thanks for a great April Fool's joke used to bring attention to an important topic. This isn't, IMO, a "design" or "taste" issue - its a humanity issue. Animals killed purely for sport, sewn together at their hind quarters and bedazzled with fabric is just horrifying. There is no redeeming factor here - these aren't animals killed for food humanely by people who used animals as food; these were animals killed by people who thought it was funny to shot and kill and then stuff them and ship them home and laugh about them while they hung on their walls. Sorry to get so worked up, but thanks CC - I adore you for sticking up for pink, Palm Beach chic, and animal welfare.

  16. The cruelty that this 'fashion' could cause is beyond belief, the Far East will do any kind of 'manufacturing' as long as there is demand. Animals and birds are living things not another material to use in the home.
    This is NOT real taxidermy, that in the old days, rarely brought about an animals death, it was usually a way of preserving something that had already died. I hope that this gets lots of views and educates the naive who don't understand the difference between this and antique taxidermy.