Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome Kerry Steele

I am delighted to welcome artist Kerry Steele as a new sponsor. I am a huge fan of Kerry's work and have three of her pieces in my own home. When working with clients, I find that no other piece can change the look of a room or give it a fresh and modern perspective more than an original abstract painting. I especially love the combination of Chinoiserie and abstract art. Here Kerry explains a bit about her background and creative process -

"I am a mostly self-taught artist although I have fine arts experience through my design courses and beyond. My art professor-Grandmother was an instructive and inspiring influence and I credit her with fostering an early and consistent desire to create.

I approach painting unlike my other creative pursuits, intuitively, rather than objectively but not without purpose or aim. Often canvases are begun with a wash of color and a mood in mind, then an arbitrary shape upon which further work is decided. From that point, the brushstrokes choose a personality; feminine, lyrical, feathery, or abrupt and confident as if done without will. There is, however, clear intention that drives my work. The intention is to beautifully and clearly create a visual representation of the intangible and unobservable. Many canvases have a vaguely floral feel with color and form gently shaken. Other works are entirely abstract and are either softly or crisply expressed. My color palette is most often influenced by women's fashion and current interior design trends.

I choose to paint abstractions mainly because I feel that so much more can be expressed without the limitations of objects and their varied connotations."

Please visit Kerry's website and Etsy shop to see more of her work. Her Facebook page is the place to go to see her latest pieces as well as inspiration boards with her work. You will be delighted to see that she has small works on paper starting at $15.00 on up to large pieces on canvas that would be the focal point of any room. She also works with design enthusiasts and interior designers to create commissioned works. You may email her at You can always find her link in my sidebar.

These are some of Kerry's pieces in peoples' homes, including my own home -

One Room Challenge - My Chinoiserie Chic kitchen gallery wall - the two abstract paintings bottom on the right and second row from bottom on the left are by Kerry Steele

My gallery wall closeup

These are some of my favorite pieces from her portfolio -

Some of Kerry's new work -


  1. I think that second one, in the family room, is my favorite.

  2. Gorgeous! Love the gallery wall.

  3. Kerry is incredible. She painting she did for me took the room to a whole new level!

  4. Congratulations to Kerry and her success! She is a great gal and artist!
    xo Nancy

  5. I love the 3rd one down ... Size and colors are magnificent!! xo

  6. I worship her too! The new works you posted - esp the first one... takes my breath away!

  7. I LOVE your kitchen wall gallery- stunning.