Monday, February 25, 2013

Raw Meat, Guest Post, New Inspiration Board

Raw Meat Fabric - My Contest Entry
The other day I was researching one of my favorite fabrics - Scalamandre Zebras and came across the 2013 First Annual The Ugly Fabric Contest using Scalamandre Zebras in the yellow colorway as the Pinterest board cover for the contest. Shocked, I clicked over to the blog and contest rules and decided to enter the contest. This is my submission - Raw Meat above. Voting for the ugliest fabric starts today and runs through Sunday. The blogger, who has a sewing workroom, plans to make window treatments out of the top three finalists' fabrics. This I want to see!

Please stand up for all that is Chinoiserie Chic and Palm Beach Chic by voting here for my submission - Raw Meat. You vote by leaving a comment over there choosing my submission - Raw Meat. And yes, if you'd like to buy this lovely fabric you can purchase it here in cotton, a linen blend, or even silk. Perhaps a roman shade for the kitchen or silk panels for the dining room? Nothing whets the appetite like staring at yards of raw meat.

And speaking of Chinoiserie Chic and Palm Beach Chic, today my series at The Glam Pad continues where I am doing a virtual makeover of a fabulous historic house in Coral Gables - The Chinese Village House. Pop over and see my new inspiration board for the dining room.

If you missed my first post in the series - a makeover of the entryway and main hall, click here. And yes, I did use Scalamandre Zebras.

And don't forget to vote for Raw Meat by leaving a comment over here. ;-)

Scalamandre Zebras


  1. That's a fabric? I am slack jawed, who would buy that?

  2. For those who want to make a Lady Gaga knock off gown.

    That's just.... just awful.

  3. Oh, my! That is truly shocking! Reminds me of Lady Gaga's meat dress, ugh! I just voted for your entry, Beth. Good luck!!

  4. P.S. I am appalled that they would have our beloved Zebras on the ugly Pinterest board, but I was happy to see that they didn’t make the roundup for the voting!

  5. Oh gross. I haven't seen it as large as you have it displayed on your blog until today and I wanted to vomit. When that was submitted I thought, "What did I get myself into?!" It seems to be getting the most votes. I might have to get an anti nausea medication to make window treatments out of that. Ugh! What have I done?!?! ;)