Friday, January 25, 2013

Readers' Requests Series - Styling the Chinoiserie Mantel

Tory Burch
 We are starting today a new series on Chinoiserie decorating questions that followers have submitted to me. I selected this topic submission because I find that most people and clients struggle with styling their mantel. I also think that most "rules" on decorating the mantel are nonsense and made to be broken - symmetrical or asymmetrical, simple or layered, formal or eclectic, a mirror or art - it's really all a matter of your style and having a good eye. Here are my tips for adding Chinoiserie style to your mantel.

1. Chinoiserie Wallpaper or Hand-painted Chinoiserie Mural

2. A Pair of Ginger Jars

3. Foo Dogs

4. Pagodas

5. Chinoiserie on the Floor/Hearth

6. Chinoiserie Mantels -

7. Blue and White Chinese Porcelain

8. A Collection of Monochromatic Chinese Vases -


  1. So many superb examples Beth! I will be pinning some of these! Love the green with black ginger jars and garden stool image a LOT!

    New 2013 Artists Series

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for brightening up a gloomy-weather Friday!


  3. Wish I had a mantle to decorate..... Beautiful!