Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Some of you may remember this fantastic bonsai Christmas tree from the December 2009 Martha Stewart Living. Here are the details if you'd like to create it yourself.

Asian-Inspired Christmas Tree
Who says Christmas trees have to be fir? Inspired by the bonsai collection at the Arnold Arboretum in his native Boston, Martha Stewart Living's Kevin Sharkey created this enchanting roost using an artificial bonsai. 
Spray-painted gold and accented with glitter, it rises out of a traditional pot topped with moss and snow. Japanese-lantern ornaments provide a pleasing change of scale, but the crowning glories of this tree are the birds -- coated in glitter and grouped in flocks of like colors.

The crowning glories of our Asian-Inspired Christmas Tree are the birds -- coated in glitter and grouped in flocks of like colors.
Tools and Materials
Birds: B&J Florist Supply
Fine glitter: Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels
Shard-glass glitter:
1. Working in sections, paint artificial bird body with white craft glue.
2. Hold bird over bowl of fine glitter; use a spoon to sprinkle with glitter.
3. Repeat process for bird tail, using shard-glass glitter for texture.


  1. This is cool! Definitely made my day to see such a cute tree.

  2. It is darling. The MSLO enterprise is quite inspirational, especially around the holidays.

  3. Love this. So, easy to make. Such a fresh take on the christmas tree. Great chinois!
    The Keeper of The Little Red Diary