Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photoshopped Pink?

I find this annoying. I have posted on this space above - I love the coral pink and the lime green. Then I discovered another version below. The same space - in raspberry pink. I find the colors below garish. "Garish" is a great word that nobody uses anymore. This could not be explainable by different lighting. Does anybody remember "To Tell The Truth?" Will the real pink please stand up?


  1. Ooo I Love catching things like this. It just proves that editorial is half the design and half the photography and editing.
    I prefer the soft pink. I wonder which one is the real deal? (If either?)

  2. This is really annoying. I don't know the article you are referring to, but I would like to know which one is the real color. I am guessing the darker pink.

  3. ha this is weird. I did love the darker pink one when I saw the image on pinterest but now I like the lighter pink version! Interesting to see if the lamps for sale are dark or light!?

  4. wow. wow. i love the original colors, not the photoshopped ones.

  5. I'm pretty sure those lamps are Christopher Spitzmiller. Maybe a little sleuthing on his website will help!