Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chic Plants

Haven't you noticed that every other room in shelter magazines has a fiddle leaf fig tree? I too have become smitten and decided to gather a group of rooms with Chinoiserie elements and these very chic plants. A great way to add some green to your home as winter approaches. I love the example by Chloe Warner with a pair in blue and white Chinese fish bowls.

Traditional Home

House Beautiful

Chloe Warner - Domino

Chloe Warner

Cecilie Starin


  1. I had never seen these small fig trees indoors before ; very original but I wonder if they are not difficult to grow ..

  2. I have only had them indoors here in the South. I have not had the best light to grow them but am willing to give it another go to get this look!

  3. Agree withBunnyand Vickie...would love to have one in my living Ron, but I've very little light, and torturing such a lovely tree isn't fair. That's why I so appreciate your photos, Beth, as I can fantasize my way into the perfect living spaces!