Friday, September 14, 2012

The Elephant That Got Away

Ruthie Sommers
Linda from My Crafty Home Life emailed me a couple days ago that ever since seeing this elephant console above on Chinoiserie Chic, she has been trying to find one and had spotted this one just below on Craigslist. It is located near her in Woodland Park, New Jersey for $225 or best reasonable offer.

My advice was that I would inflict bodily harm on her if she didn't get it. Linda has decided to pass and I would love to see somebody grab this. I wish it were closer to me - between my house, my daughter's apartment, and interior design clients, I can usually figure out a home for things.

Here is some inspiration. BTW, the tusks need some work, but this could be restored professionally or by a clever DIYer. Speaking of DIY, I never ever do DIY projects and am starting one soon. I will keep you posted on the likely debacle.

This one is currently available on 1st dibs for $3500 and I don't like it as much!



  1. I am staying strong with my decision...but I will be drinking tonight! You are a great source for inspiration and advice...thanks!

  2. What an amazing price for that desk. I have been looking on Craigs list, but I have not found anything in a long time.

  3. WE have a Southeastern Salvage here in Chattanooga that just got in a shipment of elephants of all types - I'll have to post about it soon!

    Happy weekend and good luck on the DIY!

  4. Oooo if it were closer to me too I'd snatch it up. It would be such a fun piece to have.

  5. Good Lord! My heart just skipped a beat!!! Then after looking at all the different pictures of that table in glorious colors I am crazy for it in black but love the white too....if it were close to me I would snap it up in a heartbeat...ready to make an offer and fly/drive there to claim it!!!
    Linda: with ALL DUE RESPECT...ARE YOU NUTS??? you MUST go and get this table!!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity. Offer them $175 and go from there. I would have this table in my vehicle and off to my reliable restorer before you could BLINK once!!! My heart HURTS for all of us!!! Makes me want to stay up late with Craig's List every night!!!

  6. oh my gosh!!! i am trying to figure out where I would fit this table in my house! I absolutely LOVE THIS! Linda, go back there and get it! I have never seen so many photos of an elephant table before in my life. I love it as an office desk. This is GREAT!!!!!

    These inspiration photos are fantastic. It's been awhile since I've gone this gaga over something. This is awesome. haha

  7. Seriously even if you don't restore the tusks it would be fabulous. One piece like this and room just takes off.

    I thought I couldn't live without it in orange until I saw the black. Wow.

  8. I am seriously loving the black high gloss. Gorgeous. Terry Saban, do you read this blog? Get one of these for Nick's office! Not in orange, though. : )

  9. I'm also loving that first black gloss one. Wish I still lived in Jersey!

  10. OK: it has been 2 days and I am STILL obsessing over this Craig's List find!!!! I wonder if it is still available...or did Linda cave in and go and claim it for herself? I even spoke to a friend in NYC to see if it would be at all possible for him to go to NJ to pick it up for me but, alas, he lives in Manhattan and has no car! Darn!!! This one will forever be the one that got away for so many of us!