Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cecil Beaton

I came across this sketch by Cecil Beaton the other day of William Harrison and Mona Bush from Vogue 1937. Cecil Beaton was a photographer, writer, painter, interior designer, and stage and costume designer. Note the Chinoiserie wallpaper of course. This room looks quite modern. I've shown here rooms from today that look quite similar.

It reminded me also of how fantastic his book covers are. His books are wonderful to collect - keep your eyes open. They have become very hard to find and very pricey. I would love to find copies of the Chinese Album and Far East.

Southern Living

Tory Burch

Martha Angus

Lee Ann Thornton

de Gournay


  1. I can't make any other word work but "WOW"!!!!!!!

  2. Beaton forever classic. Gorgeous rooms!

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