Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Many That Got Away

Chinoiserie wallpaper - outbid on eBay
Are you haunted by items you missed out on - too late on One Kings Lane, outbid on eBay, or passed it up at the store and went back and it was gone? Here are my top five items that I keep pictures of just to drive myself crazy, thinking they might reappear.

Gold pagoda chandelier - outbid on eBay

Kate Spade vase - not on my radar screen until after it was discontinued

Pair of gold dot lamps - missed out on eBay

Silk ikat bolster - too late on One Kings Lane


  1. There are a few things at actual live auction that haunt me. I use a sniping tool for eBay and often get what I want unless it goes too high for my wallet.

  2. Only once in a while. I am an eBay addict, app and all, so I just set the price I am comfortable with and try not to look back. There is a rug that World Market no longer carries...I torture myself over that one!

  3. Those are heart-breakers Beth. It is a good thing you find so many other great items.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  4. Beth, I know how you feel! I have a friend that uses an ap called sniper. she always gets what she wants

  5. I love every single one of those items!!! And I am sick for you that you did not come out the winner. That wallpaper would have been the find of the century!!!! And that Kate Spade vase? Oh my!!!

  6. That wallpaper made me click right on over to Ebay to see if there was more! OMG, its sooo beautiful! I hate the feeling of losing a great find...makes us that much more eager to pounce on the next one:)

  7. I am also loving that wallpaper! I don't do wallpaper, but that one could sway me! I'm an eBay seller and buyer and that place is the site of heartbreak. On Etsy, I waited a day too late to buy this on Etsy and it was gone. =(

  8. Yes, there have been a few that I've let get away. A French painted armoire I saw in Toronto about 20 years ago. A beautiful floral chintz that's been discontinued. And a stone bust that would have looked lovely sitting on my desk. Heavy sigh.

  9. Many times I have found great one of a kind items for clients that I would love to have for myself... I always tell them that I have first dibs if they ever decide to get rid of the items...!