Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Room Challenge: A Good Beginning

Harrison Howard Art Framed in Gold Bamboo

 Happy 4th! Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge here at Chinoiserie Chic. I am pleased with my progress, although it was a short week with a freak storm here Friday that left us with no power for three days and 100 degree temperatures.

One plan I had was to add some great art to my kitchen. So few people use art in their kitchens and I can't understand why. This wonderful piece above is from the Chinoiseries Collection of a favorite artist Harrison Howard. I had it framed in gold bamboo with a raw silk mat in ivory. I am now working on a fantastic gallery wall for another spot.

I have also shown you my two faux bamboo counter stools upholstered in Brunschwig & Fils Xian that I had coated to be completely resistant to spills and stains. These are not new for the challenge, but they show you my inspiration for the room.

I decided to put a gorgeous antique ginger jar on top of the refrigerator, an area that in most kitchens is either for storage or left bare. Finally, I replaced the stainless steel microwave with a shiny black one that has the feel of black lacquer. On top is a white lacquered tray from West Elm I use for mail. You can spot my new Nespresso maker in that photo also - I adore my Nespresso!

Faux Bamboo Counter Stool with Brunschwig & Fils Xian

Faux Bamboo counter Stool with Brunschwig & Fils Xian

Antique Ginger Jar on Refrigerator

Black "Lacquer" Microwave

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  1. Would love to know what you had your B&F Fabric coated with to make them so durable! I am a huge fan of art in the kitchen ... way to go!

  2. I learned about Harrison through your blog and am working toward buying one of his pieces, he is such an amazing artist. Love the framing you chose. Can't wait to see the evolution of your kitchen. Happy 4th!

  3. I love that gold bamboo frame, of course the print is stunning. The ginger jar fits that area so well...well done. I think I am most envious of the Nespresso machine. I can just smell the coffee.

  4. I cannot think of a better way to design a room...around Harrison's wonderful art!

    Beth everything you have done for the kitchen is perfect!

    Happy 4th Holiday!

    Art by Karena

  5. I wish I had wall space in my kitchen to hang art. Love that you can! Decorate it girl!, For those of us with too many upper cabinets and not enough wall :)

  6. I love that frame and stool! Your style is just up my alley!

  7. I have 4 Harrison's, two in my kitchen/ dining room, another in the living room and a fourth in our bedroom. They all bring us so much joy,
    Harrison is such a happy artist

  8. that fabric on your stool is too much to handle i love it so much!!!! great job beth

  9. Oh Beth! YOU ARE INSPIRING ME!! I am seriously considering moving one or both of my framed Harrison Howard prints into the kitchen!!! And perhaps doing a ginger jar or other blue & white porcelain arrangement on top of the fridge!!! Lord knows, I have enough pieces to easily do that! Can't wait for more from you!!

  10. I freaking adore your art AND that freaking ginger jar. I am totally driving up to your place and stealing.

  11. LOVE your stools and the Harrison Howard! The gold bamboo framing is beautiful. I cannot wait to see your gallery wall!

  12. I am in love with art and the gold bamboo frame. And the stool is fabulous as well! Looking forward to see the gallery wall.

    Happy 4th! Hope you have a wonderful celebration today!


  13. Hi, love the bamboo stools and the Brunschwig fabric. I can't wait to see the reveal! BTW, Meg Braff has a few new wallpapers out and I thought I would share them with you, enjoy!

    Happy 4th!

  14. Number 1 is that I love the BF fabric...have tried to use it in a couple of jobs.....looks great on your barstools.

  15. love it all! That art is gorgeous!

  16. Beth, I was just looking at the Harrison Howard I have in our bedroom, it is the same one that you have in your kitchen, and I too have done gold bamboo frames, aren't we fortunate? They really are a joy to behold!

  17. AWESOME! Love the art,the stool and covet the ginger jar!

  18. Loving the BF fabric and Harrison's art! Can't wait to see how this comes together!

  19. I'm in love with the fabic on those bar stools! Looking like a great start to your room.

  20. Love your Harrison Howard artwork! It pairs perfectly with the Xian stools. Have a great weekend!