Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Favorite Chinoiserie Entryway

By the late greats Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, this entryway is truly stunning with its pink Chinoiserie wallpaper, black and white marble floor, wrought iron chandelier, garden bench, and the pair of potted palms. This has it all and yet is so perfect in its simplicity. Have you entered my 3 year blog anniversary giveaway?


  1. Love this one too! I love palm. I can actually grow them.

  2. Beautiful entry...I love entries with black and white floors and potted plants. Such a classic. Jennifer

  3. I am in love with your blog.
    The Mary McDonald work space- OMG
    then the Chinoiserie wallpapers and now Harrison Howard. I can't get in touch with him about an original- I will keep trying.
    I love your style. I have a small
    Blanc de Chine collection-- using the term loosely. Waiting for my most expensive piece to come any day. Love ,love ,love

  4. i am obsessed with Chinoiserie! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and Happy Anniversary!