Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Before and After???

I am always intrigued when I find different photos of the same room. In Aerin Lauder's dressing room above and below, we can see that there have been big changes in the chandelier and furniture. But what fascinates me is that the silk taffeta curtains and Gracie wallpaper above are decidedly green, while the same curtains and wallpaper below are a pale blue/green. Is this just a matter of different lighting or has it been photoshopped? Quite interesting, right?


  1. I surely like the second picture much more! That desk is so glamorous. I'd love to know about the wallpaper and drapes.

  2. I can't tell. Strange. Love the second image. It looks more like her.

  3. The lighter carpet color of the second picture is much more attractive, and really lifts the room. So pretty!